Ergonomic Car Lumbar Support Pillow- Top Seller

  • $22.72

This support pillow is the holy grail of lumbar support pillows. It is built in with circular massage columns and a vibration starter to give your bag the gentle massage it needs after sitting for so long. It can be connected to the 12v DC cigarette lighter of the car and it is compatible with all vehicle models. The vibration velocity of the support pillow is totally adjustable to fit your massage needs. The car support pillow comes with an elastic band which may be used to fasten it on any seat. The lighter line connected to it is 1.5 meters long, giving you the freedom to move around your chair to some degrees while seated in it.

Color: black and red

Size: 36*32*10 cm / 14.17 * 12.60 * 3.94 in