Ergonomic Lumbar Cushion Car Seat Chair

  • $39.26

This two in one Lumbar Cushion Seat Chair is made from High-Resilient and High-Density Memory Foam. It comes with a headrest and a back cushion for maximum relief. The Car Lumbar Cushion Seat Chair Premium support is made from breathable fabric and memory cotton materials for your maximum comfort. It helps to relieve the pressure buildup on the back which results in lower back pain. The lumbar cushion seat support can also be adjusted and moulded to conform to your back. The back cushion extends from the base of the Spine up to the lower-midpoint of the back. The design is perfect for correcting back sitting pose and helps to relieve pain suffered from sitting for longer periods of time.

Colors: Beige, black, purple, grey
Material: Breathable fabric and memory cotton